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The Future is Sustainable Edge Data Centers

The future global digitalizing requires
more supporting equipment to establish
secure and fast data connections.

These will be placed more locally
and must be more sustainable and
environmentally friendly

Reduce consumption – intelligence – renewable energy - storage – sector connection -  use of waste heat

Future the Energy System

Future Data Center


The development towards 2040

The figure below shows the development in the electricity consumption for data centers in AF21. Electricity consumption is assumed to increase sharply until 2030, after which the increase will level off towards 2040.

The total electricity consumption is assumed to be approx. 8.5 TWh in 2030 and approx. 8.8 TWh in 2040.

Electricity consumption, data centers (GWh/year)

Figure 1: the development in electricity consumption for data centers divided between projects in western Denmark and in eastern Denmark (GWh)


Zero Emission Test & Innovation data center with a holistic view

The data center test facilities are in Fredericia, Denmark, where we have established international partnerships and connections globally. This ensures that we can provide our services with a global mindset and work with solutions that can be integrated worldwide.